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Welcome to your new lifestyle



100% co-création.. !

Launched in September 2016, JO&JOE is the groundbreaking and unexpected result of the Accor Innovation Lab.

This Group excubation project, supported by the Shadow Comex, was the result of co-creation work with future customers and was driven by an autonomous and independent task force with the agility of a start-up. Team members hail from Europe, Asia and South America and include students, designers, psychologists, developers, hospitality professionals, travelers and Instagrammers, all working with the ambitious aim of rewriting the rules and reinventing the hospitality, F&B and social interaction of the future. From this ambition came JO&JOE, a brand developed by and for Millennials and everyone who shares their positive, laid back and fun mindset – reflecting its customers.

JO&JOE Hossegor

JO&JOE, the Open House

JO&JOE Hossegor

JO&JOE is above all else a vibrant living space, a warm and affordable house open to the outside world, designed to meet the expectations of Millennial customers and those who embrace their attitude to sharing, spontaneity and experience.

Surprising and innovative, it is the HQ in which both Townsters (local residents) and Tripsters (explorers from out of town) are welcome. There you can drink, eat, laugh, take

part in events and sleep. In short – you can live there!

At JO&JOE, everything, from the decor and facilities to the atmosphere, is geared towards making sure the chemistry works and enabling everyone, whether alone or in a group, with family, friends, colleagues or as a couple, to enjoy unique experiences. Everyone is free to make the choices that suit their moods, needs and desires…