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Jo&Joe way of life – Part 3



A unique and
recognizable design


JO&JOE embraced an end-to-end open approach to enable its guests to experience new emotions. The brand co-created its vision with design studio Penson, renowned for creating intelligent and beautiful spaces for the world’s most visionary brands. Flagship designs include campuses for Google, YouTube, Jaguar Land Rover, Playstation, Jay Z’s ROCnation and the interior of the world’s 5th tallest building, the Lotte World Tower.

Happy House - JO&JOE Hossegor

Bedroom - YOURS 5 - JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

The decision to use simple design featuring raw materials takes center stage at JO&JOE. This design is both unique and recognizable and has resulted in the creation of three iconic components :

  • the PIZZA BED
  • and the BEDS

His philosophy

“A well-designed space is the secret to a happy and satisfying life – life is too short to spend time in sad or inefficient spaces.”

Shaking things up
to create new experiences

At JO&JOE, the only limits are those of the imagination. JO&JOE wanted to break with the conventional vertical distribution of spaces and functions. This is why JO&JOE accommodation has been designed to offer greater freedom and flexibility – and to encourage customer attachment.

The brand has open plan spaces on all floors to promote interaction and living together. Opening out onto both the exterior and the interior, everyone feels welcome.

JO&JOE has made the traditional functions of the hospitality industry a thing of the past. Added to this is a co-created decor influenced by the local cultural community, which plays an active role and brings a creative touch to the furniture and walls.

Spaces are flexible so that they can be adapted quickly and easily to suit each person’s situation, pace and budget.

Largo de Boticàrio - JO&JOE Rio de Janeiro – opening soon