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JO&JOE Paris Gentilly


The flexibility of a youth hostel,
and the comfort of a hotel

JO&JOE not only offers travelers a new type of accommodation, but more generally a new form of hospitality. An open, vibrant and reassuring place, JO&JOE offers the guarantee of traveling in a new way through:

  • The social experience of a youth hostel: meeting, sharing, having fun, discussing experiences and exploring the city,
  • The comfort and reliability of a hotel: quality, safety and comfort.

JO&JOE also offers true freedom by adapting to every taste, thanks to its multiple, modular living spaces designed for every need: for those wanting to live as part of a community, those who prefer more privacy, for couples as well as for people seeking a space in which to live and socialize without actually staying there.

JO&JOE, a brand conceived
By and for the “millennial-minded”

JO&JOE is embodied by two personalities, Jo and Joe, who illustrate the dichotomy of two characters, two mindsets and two approaches to travel. JO&JOE fits seamlessly with the desire to live and share unique experiences.

Jo is a girl and Joe is a guy.
Wait, that should be the other way round!
But in a way, you can see it any way you like. JO&JOE is an Open House that blends genres.

There’s no right or wrong way to read its logo. As round and bright as the sun – alive, radiant, geometrically variable, with multiple typefaces - the brand regenerates, fueled by the local culture and vibes. The heart of cities around the world – places made for moving, chilling and exploring – are ideal settings for JO&JOE to deploy its distinctive character and quirky atmosphere.

JO&JOE? It buzzes, pulses and resonates like a modern, fun and diverse brand; cool or punchy, it’s up to you.

JO&JOE! It’s a bunch of friends offering a no-frills welcome, with a broad smile and a friendly face.

JO&JOE is for people who want to be both individual and collective, traditional and innovative, who are looking for both comfort and adventure, connection and disconnection. It’s the link between people wanting to live positively.

Bedroom - YOURS 3 - JO&JOE Hossegor

JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

Positive, fun and without fuss, JO&JOE is just like its guests, created purely and simply to challenge convention.

It aspires to share its vision and energy with all who seek it out and it creates a close bond with them.

This open, good-hearted mindset remains the common thread of its DNA. JO&JOE is there to welcome cultural diversity and the various talents it fosters, both among travelers and with local residents.

A tailor-made brand
open to Townsters & Tripsters

For JO&JOE, being a Millennial is a state of mind and age is irrelevant. JO&JOE listens to, talks to and meets the expectations of all “Millennial-minded” people looking for an open, connected and fulfilling world.

To respond to the consumer habits of these travelers, it was vital to rip up the rulebook and come up with a totally new living space.

JO&JOE is the place for anyone longing for an experience that takes them off the beaten track, where personalities whose paths don’t usually cross can mingle freely. It is a place with local flavor, where everyone is able to let mood, needs and desires dictate unconstrained.
They are divided into two main profiles :

“TOWNSTERS”, locals looking to meet new people and who like to head off to JO&JOE to recharge their batteries, and take part in or even start off-beat activities, but without staying overnight,

“TRIPSTERS”, explorers at heart and ultra-connected, happy to share their stories and are open to new encounters and immersive experiences. Friends getting together, couples, single people or families They want privacy, but are also keen to socialize with other people when the time is right.

Members of this new
generation want more than
just accommodation. They
want a living space that
blends the collective values
of sharing and caring in an
easy-going style.