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Eating, drinking,
having a blast, sleeping


JO&JOE Paris Gentilly


Shared spaces open to all


an on-trend and interconnected space, always featuring an
outdoor area, be it a garden, a rooftop, an urban kitchen garden, etc.
This is a space
where travelers and local residents can meet up,
with plenty of opportunities to eat,
drink and enjoy events. Buzzing both day and night,
the atmosphere evolves
throughout the day.

OPEN SOURCE : a lineup of events and activities is offered at each venue, with local JO&JOE team members, Townsters and Tripsters. You can visit the city, play music and do yoga there – while leaving plenty of room for spontaneity!

The BAR is central to the JO&JOE social experience. Its unique design and its high visibility from outside invite Townsters to join Tripsters to enjoy a wide range of drinks, with a unique selection promoting local and artisan products.

The RESTAURANT home-made, affordable, high quality and fuss-free dining options! JO&JOE offers a range of simple, authentic and tasty food and a warm atmosphere: XXXL quiches and lasagna to share, burgers, veggie salads, hot-dogs, etc. The menu starts at €10 offering delicious, fresh, generous and simple dishes to satisfy big and small appetites throughout the day

JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

Spaces dedicated to travelers

a private area for Tripsters :

It features common areas for interacting, relaxing or working. Guests can
move freely and live at their own pace in a relaxed environment: chatting,
reading, working, playing or connecting as they wish, and interacting
informally with the JO&JOE team.

Happy House - Collaborative Kitchen - JO&JOE Hossegor

This space is structured around:

A COLLABORATIVE KITCHEN open to guests. It offers amateur chefs a showcase for their talents and a stage for sharing their best recipes. Guests wanting to keep their budget under control can use them to cook meals, just for themselves or for a whole tribe.

WASHING MACHINES allowing guests to do their laundry while sharing memories of a long walk or an unforgettable dinner.

LOCKERS for guests wishing to leave their luggage behind so that they can roam the city completely unencumbered.

An original take on sleep


provide access to innovative spaces adapted to
everyone’s needs and budgets.
For people traveling alone, in pairs or in groups, JO&JOE offers its Tripster
community an ideal and tailored accommodation solution at the right price,
with beds starting from €25.

TOGETHER 10 - JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

“TOGETHER” is an innovative accommodation solution, going from living space to night-time place, where several people can sleep (in a single space) while retaining their privacy whenever they so wish thanks to the various modular spaces. Shared bathrooms and relaxation areas are incorporated into these spaces, which embody the very essence of the JO&JOE brand. From €25 per bed and €187 for the whole space for one night.

“YOURS”, for small groups or families, are private guestrooms for 2 or more people with a bathroom and an integrated kitchenette area in the apartment version. From €70 per night for 2 people.

Yours 2 - JO&JOE Hossegor

OOO - JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

LES “OOO ! ” (Out of the Ordinary) are original accommodation formats for all those in search of a truly alternative hotel experience. Quirky is probably the most appropriate word. They provide unexpected and unforgettable accommodation, for solo travelers and groups (up to 6 people). In Paris-Gentilly, the Open Houses offers a bedroom with a private terrace and a view on the Eiffel Tower. From €82 per night.
“CABINS“ are a new accommodation concept inspired by Japanese hotels and their sleeping pods. An affordable option for guests wanting a private space but who are happy to share a bathroom. A highly innovative concept in France, Cabins are the perfect solution for those undecided between a bunk bed and a private room. From €28 per night.

Cabines - JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

The Teamsters, a
new service approach

JO&JOE reflects a new vision of the role of team members: more open, communicative, engaged and interested in sharing with guests while maintaining a primary role of ensuring the venues’ quality and operational excellence.

Relationships between JO&JOE team members and the venue’s Tripsters and Townsters are a valuable way to promote sharing and recommendations. Teams are made up of talented personalities, genuine ambassadors connected to their city, who help to unlock and enhance guests’ experiences. They passionately promote social interaction, creating bonds and acting as community managers.

They care deeply about giving guests the most personalized experience possible.

They play an active role and add to the buzz of the place, by organizing a gig for example, by spotting a yogi and asking them to teach a class or by tracking down emerging local artists. They share a genuine sense of empathy, helping them meet the needs of guests looking for inspiration and offbeat and surprising places.

JO&JOE also looks beyond the team, encouraging guests to play their own role in shaping this living space conceived for them.

Teamsters - JO&JOE Paris Gentilly