Born to be greet !

Travelers’ expectations have changed in recent years. Due to heightened environmental considerations and a greater desire for authenticity, guests are increasingly focused on travel that is respectful of people and the planet, whether they are on a business trip or traveling with family or friends. With greet, Accor has introduced a new alternative hospitality offering, with a closer connection to people and the planet. A reflection of the Group’s commitments, greet forms part of a locally engaged approach and provides a response to these new guest expectations in relation to sustainable tourism.

greet was established in 2019 and is the latest addition to Accor’s economy segment. The brand’s vision is to put the hospitality business to work for the greater good of the planet and its people by rethinking how hotels are built, designed and operated.

To get there, greet has launched a movement: to create places where good actions fuel good feelings,  to inspire guests, staff and partners to join in.

greet offers an affordable, comfortable hotel stay that feels positively different. Its aim is to welcome those who care about the positive impact of their travel, but still desire affordability and convenience. Delightfully resourceful design, locally-sourced products, down-to-earth friendly service: everything is part of the same meaningful whole. A sum of actions that effortlessly come together to make a difference.

Traveling with greet means giving a new life to what surrounds us all, and having a positive impact on the environment. In a fast-moving world, where many things are disposable and where minds change in an instant, it is important to stop, take a breather and refocus on the most meaningful essentials. At its core, greet is an engaged hotel brand, socially as well as locally, advocating the importance of community in its hotels, its offerings and its activities.