Arrival: Greet
to see you!

At greet, the watchword is friendliness. The brand is embodied by its community of dedicated “greeters” who offer a warm welcome, the sign of an authentic, contemporary and diverse brand.
On arrival at the hotel, guests are welcomed by the greeters with a smile and a handshake, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Guests are then offered a welcome drink, and younger guests are given a little gift, such as a sweet treat or an eco-friendly toy.

At greet, the focus is on connecting with travelers.
The traditional check-in desk has been removed. In a relaxed atmosphere, guests can complete check-in curled up on lobby sofa or on the tall chairs at the greet bar. Hotel teams can quickly and easily check in new arrivals on their tablets with just a few clicks thanks to the FOLS mobile solution. It is a tool that simplifies check-in and improves the customer experience by removing the physical barriers.

Guest rooms: 
Let’s sleeeeep

greet hotels have between 50 and 300 guest rooms, each with a minimum area of 12m², offering an average of 70 to 80 rooms per property. When staying with greet, travelers are able to choose between 2 guest room types, each boasting innovative designs: Pure rooms and Pop rooms.

The Pure guest rooms go back to basics. With their sleek design, they offer all the essentials required for a comfortable stay.

In contrast, Pop guest rooms are more spacious and their design is more colorful with unusual decorative items from garage sales, imbuing each room with its own unique and welcoming character.

Lastly, for those preferring to travel as a group, reflecting the brand’s community approach, family/group rooms accommodating between 4 and 6 people are also available in greet hotels.

In addition, baby equipment is provided for families. These rooms account for 20% of each property’s capacity.

Common areas: Share
greeeeeat moments

Sharing and socializing are at the heart of greet’s identity, symbolized by the space devoted to the living areas within its hotels. They span a minimum of 100m², letting hotel guests and locals alike relax, work, eat and play.

In this way, customers can socialize at the “greet bar” to try the local drinks and enjoy simple yet delicious snacks from the table d’hôte selection, or browse the hotel boutique for local products created by regional craftspeople.

In the relaxation corner, parents can take advantage of a reading area, with a shared library, where they can take a book and leave another. Also on offer are second-hand board games, wooden toys and fun activities for children to enjoy.

So freeeeesh

Guests can also socialize outdoors. The outdoor spaces, terrace and gardens are also a reflection of the brand’s genuine commitment towards togetherness.

At greet, we like to entertain. And what better way of spending some precious time with family, friends or colleagues than sitting around a tableful of people in the shade of the parasols in the garden; by playing a game of pétanque just outside the hotel or enjoying a game of table tennis? Swings, hopscotch, a swimming pool and picnic tables are also all available for children (and adults!) to enjoy.