A living space tucked away
in the heart of Burgundy

The brand’s first property, which opened its doors in April 2019 in the heart of Burgundy, is located in the city of Beaune. Situated in a wooded park, the greet Hotel Beaune has been completely renovated in the style of Accor’s newest brand.

It is an ideal place to enjoy some down time and spend time with family or friends within a warm and welcoming environment.

The hotel offers guests a wide range of enjoyable activities: an open-air swimming pool, table tennis, a pétanque terrain and an outdoor play area that is available for guests to enjoy as they relax and fill up on fun! 

The hotel’s unique decor gives many items a new lease on life.

A display stand for crisps has been turned into a shelving unit, a washing machine drum has become a lampshade, salvaged frames are now headboards, tin cans have been converted into flowerpots, a wheelbarrow is now a coffee table, and mismatched china give the greet hotel in Beaune a friendly, warm and whimsical atmosphere.

Guest rooms: 
Leeeeet’s rest!

Beaune has 52 guest rooms, including 24 twins, a commitment made by the hotel which is dedicated to meeting the needs of each of its guests.

Travelers can stay in one of the hotel’s four Pure guest rooms, with a simple and relaxing atmosphere. Featuring a double bed, television and desk, the decor is minimalist, totally free of formality and focused on the essentials.

Staying in a group or requiring more space? Guests of greet Hotel Beaune can opt for one of the 48 Pop rooms which can accommodate up to 6 people in more spacious accommodations.