Greet living means unlocking
the potential in everything

greet is committed to second chances. A non-standardized brand, its commitment is crystallized in its design approach - because greet is diverse and distinctive. Each hotel is free to reflect its local environment while also sharing a single identity. With furniture and decor sourced directly from nearby bazaars, street markets, garage sales, local designers and charity stores, greet is right on trend and in line with the circular economy.

greet hotels are reflections of the “Less is More” design philosophy. Here, every table, cushion and lamp plays a key role in the design of the venue. There is nothing superfluous, just what is essential. This contributes to the harmony and spirit of friendliness that flow through each hotel. The items unearthed by greet give each hotel its own specific identity, whether they have been merely restored, or totally repurposed, Giving things a second chance means giving creativity room to flourish  and providing the potential for spaces and objects to inspire. Whether minimalist or flamboyant, each living space has been designed to promote fun, friendliness and positive hospitality. The decor in greet hotels invites guests to linger, take five and (re)connect with others.

3 ways of being greet 


Looking for, browsing and salvaging…to unearth hidden gems. The idea is to rely on local second-hand networks and suppliers who reuse materials to create something new and give objects a new lease of life.


Taking the plunge, and deciding to make, create and personalize. All you have to do is join in and have fun. And that’s something anyone can do, without any instructions.


Inventing, transforming, making, reinventing. Creating starts with a blank page. And you pass the formula on to others so that they can, in turn, take the plunge too.

Being greet means giving a second chance
to everything around us

greeters welcome the world in all its diversity.
They create encounters with various engaged communities, increase the chances of success, and take daily action within their ecosystems to support a sustainable and community-based experience. It is with this in mind that each greet hotel organizes monthly events known as “greet times”, inviting local organizations and stakeholders to interact, share and make an impact.

Partners offering a SECOND CHANCE

The greet brand has joined forces with several organisations in order to structure the second chance eco-system.

Firstly, Emmaüs and Valdelia will enable greet hotels to source second-hand furniture, as well as new creations and designs made by reusing materials. In addition to this environmentally-sensitive approach, teaming up with Collectif Design and Artisanat Emmaüs will help to strengthen the social impact of greet by supporting professional integration.
Collectif Design and Artisanat Emmaüs aim to give people a second chance, objects a new lease of life and the planet a bright future.
It is comprise of three organisations: Atelier Emmaüs, ReCréateurs and Résilientes.

Valdelia, a government-approved non-profit eco-organisation, provides a comprehensive solution to collect, recycle and re-use old furniture from all types of organisations (businesses, local authorities, clubs and charities, etc.). Its action and innovation-based strategy aims to turn end-of-life products into resources for the future.